Graciliano Pérez guitar workshop

The quality sound, comfort and design merge together in our guitars to satisfy the needs of the most demanding guitarists. Our guitars are unique thanks to the fact that we always use the most refined techniques and the best wood, treated in a way that guarantees the purest sound. As a result, all of our guitars are of the highest quality.

Currently working together with my brother José, we have skilfully mastered the techniques required and are able to improve with every guitar we make thanks to the modifications that come together with the experience we have gained, aiming for the marked Flamenco accents of cypress guitars and modulated sound of classical models. All this is done to please both the admirers of antique instruments from Córdoba and the lovers of contemporary sound.

We accept the challenge it is to craft instruments for the top guitarists and and most well-known faces of flamenco music. These people are fundamental to our growth, and seeing our guitars in their hands is the best reward we could get and the best motivation for further improvement.

Lest we forget that Córdoba is the best city for guitar making, not only for its climate, but mainly for the presence of the intense flamenco spirit, which gives our guitars their unique character.